Investing in Maldives

Tourism is the primary industry of Maldives in terms of contribution to GDP, employment and generation of revenue for the Government. The country is reliant on tourism with close to half of the GDP contributed by this sector.

Geographically the islands of Maldives are divided in different atolls but during the past three decades, most resorts were developed around the capital. However now, the development plan in progress by the tourism ministry involves introducing more resorts on atolls at the North and South.

Though the influx of expatriate labors in increase, the Tourism act defines that each resort has to employ 45% of locals.  Maldivian economy and all jobs are related to the tourism industry due to the significant contribution on the GDP. Investors have the benefit of catering directly to the tourism market because all is linked to the products and services of tourism.

Another advantage for the investors is: it brings on a better community drive on local islands with the development. Investors have an opportunity to create local educational training programs in compliance with NGOs and the government. The contribution will become beneficial for the investors as it creates more employment opportunities in the country as well as awareness.